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Snow & Ice Management

Combat winter's unpredictability with premium snow and ice management

Your property needs to remain safe and fully operational even when winter delivers its worst conditions. Our fully equipped, professional teams get you back to black fast, when it matters the most.

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Experience tailored excellence with custom maintenance

At Facility Care, we know that every facility is unique and one-size-fits-all solutions don't cut it. Leveraging our extensive experience, we craft detailed snow fighting plans tailored to your property and operations. We specialize in large industrial distribution centres, corporate campuses and high security facilities so we’re able to proactively address your needs, ensuring a dedicated fleet and on-site resources are in place. With a committed staff and extensive experience spanning over 35 years, we take the time to understand your operation and we’re always there when you need us.


Rest easy and focus on what you do best

We take pride in being the vigilant guardians of your property. You won't lose sleep worrying about unsafe conditions or operational downtime because we never sleep. Our goal is to keep you informed of conditions around the clock in the most efficient way possible so you can continue to focus on what you do best. We do this with advanced weather monitoring and third-party certified reporting. You’ll also have access to a customer portal where you can pinpoint facility issues for immediate attention, ensuring a worry-free experience while you focus on what matters most.


Navigate Canadian winters with confidence

When severe storms come, you need to be ready. With Facility Care, you will be. Our extensive fleet, equipped to handle properties of all sizes, guarantees you’ll be prepared even during the most severe storms. Equipped with a wide range of leading-edge tools — including ice breakers and salt shooters — we’re able to clear your grounds, equipment and vehicles with precision for safe operation even during catastrophic weather events. Best of all, all of our equipment is meticulously maintained by our in-house team of mechanics and regularly upgraded to keep your facility in peak condition with unparalleled reliability.


Comprehensive snow and ice management for total assurance

We’re committed to bringing you comprehensive snow fighting plans and first-class service. If you don’t see something you need, reach out and let us know.


Clear your fleet quickly and reduce liability risks with SnowEdge

SnowEdge is a compact and fully mobile tool that provides quick and cost-effective snow removal without occupying valuable on-site space. It’s durable and minimizes downtime and maintenance costs compared to other snow clearing tools. With its quick disconnect feature, our teams can easily move accumulated snow from the trailer roof to a designated area, keeping traffic flow clear and your fleet safe and on schedule.

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"Facility Care's snow removal really is reliable. This is a contractor that you don't have to chase after to get the work done. The snow is cleared in a timely, professional manner, the drains on patios are cleared, front steps are shoveled and salted and the visitor parking lot is always attended to with snow piled in an out-of-the-way area. Their landscaping is neat and tidy. We receive rave reviews from residents, board members and real estate agents who mention the curb appeal of the groomed landscape. I have worked with Facility Care since 2004 and have brought them to every site I have managed."
Leona Lott, RCM, Property Manager, ICC Property Management

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We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your facility’s needs.
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Receive a customized plan

We’ll define the scope of work and provide you with a plan tailored to your specific needs.
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Experience premium care

We’ll mobilize applicable equipment and infrastructure to your site, preparing you for year-round comprehensive facility care.

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