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Snow Clearing

Proactive, detailed and efficient service, right when you need it

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We understand how critical uninterrupted operations are to your business. Our comprehensive snow clearing services are designed to keep your facility running smoothly, even in the harshest winter conditions. With our proactive approach, open communication and continuous monitoring, trust Facility Care to keep your operations running smoothly, whatever the weather may bring.

We begin by completing a full site inspection and pre-season meeting. By identifying potential issues such as drainage problems and broken curbs ahead of time, we’re able to create a detailed snow fighting plan, saving you from headaches and rising costs down the road.  

Communication is key for us at Facility Care. You'll receive a personalized snow map prior to the start of the winter season. This invaluable tool ensures you’ll be informed of what is happening at your location during a winter event. Prior to any upcoming storm, we’ll send you insights into the anticipated scope of the storm and the details of our game plan so we’re on the same page and can make quick decisions when needed. 

When the storm hits, we’re by your side 24/7, leveraging powerful meteorological tools to continuously monitor conditions. This enables us to adapt our action plans in real-time and maximize our powerful fleet to clear your facility quickly and thoroughly.

Our snow clearing services include:
  • Small and large property clearing
  • Under trailer plowing
  • Rooftop clearing of trailers and straight trucks
  • Sidewalk and parking space shoveling
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Clearing the way for business as usual

"Facility Care's snow removal really is reliable. This is a contractor that you don't have to chase after to get the work done. The snow is cleared in a timely, professional manner, the drains on patios are cleared, front steps are shovelled and salted and the visitor parking lot is always attended to with snow piled in an out-of-the-way area. Their landscaping is neat and tidy. We receive rave reviews from residents, board members and real estate agents who mention the curb appeal of the groomed landscape. I have worked with Facility Care since 2004 and have brought them to every site I have managed."
Leona Lott, RCM, Property Manager, ICC Property Management

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