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Snow Removal

Avoid losing critical facility space with reliable snow removal services

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Snow removal is essential to any large distribution centre. Accumulated snow can significantly hinder operations, reduce visibility and vehicle mobility and result in unsafe working conditions for employees. With Facility Care, you can count on timely and thorough snow removal, relocation and melting.

As a company certified by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), our professionally trained crews and fully equipped fleet guarantee the seamless handling of snowfalls of every size. Unlike reactive approaches, our teams proactively monitor weather conditions and take action before you ever have to call. With dedicated equipment already on-site, we swiftly initiate snow removal when the time comes. Stay in the loop with regular, detailed reports on our activities and information about current conditions and progress.

What sets us apart is a personalized touch — your dedicated site supervisor and crew intimately know your facility. This familiarity ensures tailored snow removal, preventing operational downtime and providing the best solution for your unique needs.

With Facility Care take confidence in proactive, efficient and personalized snow removal services that keep your distribution center running smoothly in any winter weather.

With Facility Care, you’ll have access to:
  • Snow melting
  • Snow haulage
  • Offsite or on-site snow location or removal
  • Small & large scale snow removal

Ready to respond as the first snowflakes fall

"Facility Care's snow removal really is reliable. This is a contractor that you don't have to chase after to get the work done. The snow is cleared in a timely, professional manner, the drains on patios are cleared, front steps are shovelled and salted and the visitor parking lot is always attended to with snow piled in an out-of-the-way area. Their landscaping is neat and tidy. We receive rave reviews from residents, board members and real estate agents who mention the curb appeal of the groomed landscape. I have worked with Facility Care since 2004 and have brought them to every site I have managed."
Leona Lott, RCM, Property Manager, ICC Property Management

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