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Ice Mitigation

Expert care for unparalleled peace of mind

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Facility Care is your dedicated partner in ice mitigation. Our proactive approach, state-of-the-art tools and commitment to continuous improvement make us the ideal choice for large distribution centres. Experience peace of mind knowing your facilities are safe and secure for your employees, vehicles and operations. 

We begin by completing a full-site inspection and pre-season meeting. Our experts assess your facility's layout, identify potential ice accumulation areas in walkways, parking lots, loading docks and high-traffic zones and develop a targeted service plan for the winter season. 

With Facility Care, you gain a reliable partner dedicated to maintaining your property to the highest standards. No more chasing down service providers – we work proactively. Our ice patrols are dispatched when temperatures hover around freezing or when there's a risk of thaw-refreeze, ensuring constant vigilance against icy conditions.

Leveraging a diverse array of tools, we apply all de-icing and salting materials evenly. Our goal is to maximize effectiveness while minimizing waste. And we don't just utilize a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team is committed to continuously monitoring weather and surface conditions. With this real-time data, we adjust our plan of attack accordingly, ensuring that your distribution center remains free from ice buildup and safe for your employees and vehicles.

With Facility Care, you’ll have access to a number of key services and leading-edge equipment:
  • Liquid de-icing
  • Salt management tracking
  • Ice breakers — easily preventing ice accumulation
  • Salt shooters — ensuring uniform salting of all surfaces
  • Plant and pet-friendly ice melters

Keeping your surfaces safe and secure

"Facility Care's snow removal really is reliable. This is a contractor that you don't have to chase after to get the work done. The snow is cleared in a timely, professional manner, the drains on patios are cleared, front steps are shovelled and salted and the visitor parking lot is always attended to with snow piled in an out-of-the-way area. Their landscaping is neat and tidy. We receive rave reviews from residents, board members and real estate agents who mention the curb appeal of the groomed landscape. I have worked with Facility Care since 2004 and have brought them to every site I have managed."
Leona Lott, RCM, Property Manager, ICC Property Management

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