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Reduce liability risks and get back on the road quickly and safely

Get SnowEdge

Accumulated snow on truck and trailer roof tops is a significant problem for facility and fleet managers alike. Improper clearing of fleet can lead to operational delays, damaged equipment, fines and/or injury and lawsuits. SnowEdge is a compact and fully mobile tool that provides quick and cost-effective fleet snow removal without occupying valuable space on your site. It’s durable and minimizes downtime and maintenance costs compared to other snow clearing tools.


Key Features:

Save valuable property space

Thanks to a compact design, we’re able to set up your unit anywhere on site, avoiding taking up valuable space on your property.

Have total peace of mind

With an extending 12-foot blade, the SnowEdge allows us to clear both rooftops and under the front of trailers to clear snow away from the coupling plate. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your fleet is fully cleared and ready for safe operation.

Avoid operational delays

SnowEdge's durable design allows us to clear 3 feet of snow and up to 4 inches of ice from trailer roof tops quickly and safely. That works out to approximately 25 trailers within an hour, ensuring your operations can run smoothly, no matter the conditions.

Keeping your fleet safe and secure

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